Accepted Papers

Pavel Klinov . Pronto: A Practical Probabilistic Description Logic Reasoner
Rommel Carvalho , Kathryn Laskey and Paulo Costa . Compatibility Formalization Between PR-OWL and OWL
Oliver Gries and Ralf Möller . Gibbs Sampling in Probabilistic Description Logics with Deterministic Dependencies
Paulo Santos , Fabio Cozman , Valquiria Fenelon Pereira and Britta Hummel. Probabilistic logic encoding of spatial domains
Nicola Vitucci, Mario Arrigoni Neri and Giuseppina Gini . Using f-SHIN to represent objects: an aid to visual grasping
Anni-Yasmin Turhan and Rafael Peñaloza . Towards Approximative Most Specific Concepts by Completion for EL with Subjective Probabilities
Pavel Klinov and Bijan Parsia . Relationships between Probabilistic Description and First-Order Logics