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Logic-based Knowledge Representation

Technische Universität Dresden
Institut für Theoretische Informatik
Lehrstuhl für Automatentheorie

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Franz Baader

Course Description

Starting from a short description of early knowledge representation formalisms (such as Semantic Networks and Frames) and their shortcomings, the course will illustrate how results and methods from logic can support the design of knowledge representation systems that have high expressive power and sound and complete reasoning algorithms. In particular, we will consider Description Logics, Modal Logics, and Nonmonotonic Logics as formalisms for respectively representing terminological knowledge, subjective and time dependent knowledge, and uncertain and incomplete knowledge.


The lecture takes place twice a week in room GRU 350: Tuesday 16:40-18:10 and Thursday 14:50-16:20.

The exercise group takes place on Wednesday 11:10-12:40 in room GRU 351 (Dr. Carsten Lutz).

The oral examinations of CL students will take place on August, 2 in room 433 (Prof. Baader's office). Appointments can be made with Carsten Lutz.

NEW: Evaluation of the questionnaire available for download


The following slides can be downloaded in postscript format:


The following exercises can be downloaded in postscript format:

Slides from the exercise group


The following literature can be downloaded via FTP or found at the WebOPAC of SLUB.

Carsten Lutz