Introduction to Automatic Structures

PD Dr.-Ing. habil. Anni-Yasmin Turhan

Course Description

An automatic structure is one whose domain and atomic relations are computable by finite-state automata. The type of automata considered are those that operate synchronously on their inputs, which can be finite or infinite words or trees. The fundamental property of every automatic structure is that the first order definable relations are computable by automata.

The course will be devoted to the study of (mathematical) structures that can be described by finite state machines such as finite automata, tree automata and omega automata. In particular, we study


The lecture takes place weekly on Mondays 13:00-14:30 (DS 4) in APB E005. All the material necessary for successfully approving the course will be presented during the lecture. Students are strongly recommended to copy the material written on the blackboard during lecture time.

The lecture is accompanied by exercise sessions held by Dipl.-Math. Francesco Kriegel every second week on Tuesdays 09:20-10:50 (DS 2) in APB E005. All students are encouraged to present their solutions to the exercises, as they are useful for better understanding of the lecture material. Exercise sheets will be available online about a week before the session.




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04 April to 10 April Lecture
11 April to 17 April Lecture Exercise session
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18 April to 24 April Lecture
25 April to 01 May Lecture Exercise session
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02 May to 08 May Lecture
09 May to 15 May Lecture Exercise session
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16 May to 22 May Whitsun Whitsun
23 May to 29 May Lecture Exercise session
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30 May to 05 June Lecture
06 June to 12 June Lecture Exercise session
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13 June to 19 June Lecture Exercise session
(exercise sheet 5, continued)
20 June to 26 June Lecture
27 June to 03 July Lecture Exercise session
04 July to 10 July Lecture
11 July to 17 July Lecture Exercise session


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