The goal of the Masterpraktikum is to get acquainted with the process of scientific work. Depending on the topic chosen, this requires literature research, original research, implementation work, or a mixture thereof. The participants are expected to meet regularly with their tutors and discuss their progress. If applicable, the required implementation work should be carried out in a structured way, must use a modern version-control system (git, hg), and has to be documented appropriately.


If you are interested in one of the topics below, please contact Daniel Borchmann before April 28.

The results of the project have to be described in a project paper (around 15 pages) and presented in a 30 minutes talk at the end of the semester. The deadline for finishing the project is the end of the semester, i.e., September 28.

Failure to finish the project in time will result in no credits to be given. It is the obligation of the participant to start the project in time, and to make appointments with the supervisor for regular meetings during the semester.


The list of topics can be found here.

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