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Hauptseminar Theoretische Informatik: "Selected Topics in Automata Theory"

Position in Curriculum
Informatik (diploma), Wahlpflichtveranstaltung (-/-/2)
Informatik (bachelor), 3 credit points

Computational Logic: Modules TCSL and IT, 3 credit points

Basic knowledge in logic and automata theory.
For computer scientist students: “Grundlagen der Theoretischen Informatik” or “Formale Systeme”

The language of the seminar is English — unless attended by native German speakers only.

Preliminary schedule
The seminar starts on Friday, October 14, at 2:50pm in room 3027 of the computer science building with an introductory meeting. In this meeting all students will be assigned a research paper and a tutor.
Presentations will take place during the last weeks of the teaching period (i.e. from January 13 to February 3) .

Number Student Paper Tutor Partner Paper Presentation Date Report Due
1 Christian Fraß R. Gerth et al., Simple On-the-fly Automatic Verification of LTL Felix Distel 6 January 30th December 16th
4 Wu Xichuan J.-M. Couvreur et al., On-the-fly Emptiness Checks for Generalized Büchi Automata Barbara Morawska 1 January 30th December 22nd
5 Martin Aleksandrov Efficient Büchi Automata from LTL Formulae Marcel Lippmann 4 January 30th December 22nd
6 Shqiponja Ahmetaj O.H. Ibarra, On two-way Multihead Automata Felix Distel 9 January 20th December 9th
9 Oliver Fernandez Gil J. Engelfriet et al., Nested pebbles and transitive closure Felix Distel 5 January 20th December 16th

Topic of the Hauptseminar
Participants will get to know a variety of different types of automata, that are usually outside the scope of introductory lectures on automata theory. One focus will be the relationship between these types of automata and first order logic.

Goal of the Hauptseminar
Apart from learning about the main topic, students should learn how to get acquainted with a relevant body of literature, how to produce a well-structured paper, and how to give an understandable scientific talk.

Duties of Participants
In the initial meeting, students choose a topic to work on and are assigned a tutor. During the seminar, the student has to understand the relevant literature and writes a paper about the chosen topic (~12 pages). Finally, each student presents his/her work in a talk to the other participants. In doing this, he/she receives individual support by the tutor. The students should present

Additionally, students must meet the following requirements.

The seminar is coordinated by Felix Distel.

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