Topic Student Info
Alternating Weighted Automata Gustav Grabolle A3
Alternative Automata-based Approaches to Probabilistic Model Checking David Müller S1
Answer Set Optimization Markus Ulbricht S2
Automatic Extraction of Matrix-based Models of Language Shima Asaadi S2
Compositionality in Probabilistic Model Checking Linda Herrmann A1
Extended Quantitative Tree Automata Sven Dziadek A3
Knowledge Representation Formalisms under Non-Standard Semantics — Computational Properties and Practical Reasoning Lukas Schweizer A2
Polynomial Time Combinations of Decision Procedures for Constraint Satisfaction Problems Johannes Greiner A2
Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches to Reasoning in Defeasible Description Logics Maximilian Pensel S2
Quantitative Variants of Language Equations and their Applications to Description Logics Pavlos Marantidis S2
Stochastic Shortest Path Problems Jakob Piribauer S3
Stream Reasoning using Temporalized Description Logics Christian Alrabbaa A3
The structure of weighted automata on trees and tree-like graphs Erik Paul S2
Verification of Counter Automata Danny Richter A3
Valued Semi-Linear Constraint Satisfaction Problems Caterina Viola S2
Weight Accumulation and Probabilistic Model Checking Sascha Wunderlich S1
Weighted Automata with Storage Luisa Herrmann S2
Weighted Tree Substitution Kevin Stier A3


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A - Originally Associated
S - Originally Scholarship Holder
1 - First Generation
2 - Second Generation
3 - Third Generation