General Information about Available Courses

One possibility to improve soft skills is to take a language course.  There are multiple institutions offering such courses:

The Graduate Academy Dresden, the Career Service (TU Dresden), and the Research Academy Leipzig are also offering courses on scientific writing, planning your PhD, literature management, and more.  Please see the corresponding websites for an up-to-date list of available courses.


Former Courses

The research training group occasionally organizes soft skill courses for its students by inviting external speakers.  The courses that have been organized so far are the following.

Open Access Publication

Lecturer: Elena Di Rosa, SLUB Dresden

Date: 2014 Jul 15, 14:30—16:00, TU Dresden

Content: Participants will gain a basic understanding of copyright issues from a point of view of publishing researchers. The event will shed light on Open Access in relation to established ways of publishing with publishers like Elsevier, Springer and others – what aspects of copyright are important and what aspects should be considered when signing a contract? Closely linked to these questions are issues relating to the impact or repudiation of Open Access journals as well as established journals in specific subjects. How visible are they? How are research results published there received by the research community? Participants will also get to know bibliometric methods that help identifying Open Access journals for potential publication. To round things up, we will introduce our services for researchers who plan to publish in Open Access journals.

Good Scientific Practice (shared Workshop with RoSi)

Lecturer: Dr. rer. nat. Hans-Peter Eckle

Dates:  2014 Dec 12, 9:00—17:30 and 2014 Dec 13, 9:00—13:00, TU Dresden

Content:  The content of this course is based on the recommendations for "Good Scientific Practice" of the research ombudsman of the German Research Foundation (DFG).  Topics of this course are

  • Foundations of the Philosophy of Science
  • Principles of the Ethics of Science
  • Good Scientific Practice
  • Scientific Misbehavior
  • Process of Publication
  • Authorship
  • Supervising and Acting in Research Groups
  • Scientific Cooperation
  • Dealing with Conflicts, Ombudsman
  • Dealing with Scientific Misconduct
  • Resources for "Good Scientific Practice"

The course consists of short presentations, discussions, and group work.