The eighth workshop is organized as a virtual workshop from October 5-7, 2020. For each of the sessions, a zoom link is provided below. The passwords will be sent around via email.




1st day: Monday, 5th of October 2020

Session 1 – Chair: Frederik Dörband


13:00–13:45 Lena Schiffer: "Expressive Power of Combinatory Categorial Grammar"

13:45–14:30 Kevin Stier: "Approximated Determinisation of Weighted Tree Automata"


Session 2 – Chair: Kevin Stier


15:00–15:45 Filippo De Bortoli: "Practical Reasoning in Description Logics with Expressive Cardinality Constraints"

15:45–16:30 Simon Knäuer: "MSO ∩ Datalog" 


16:45–17:45 PI Discussion


2nd day: Tuesday, 6th of October 2020

Session 3 – Chair: Gustav Grabolle


13:00–13:30 Simon Jantsch: "Minimal witnesses for probabilistic timed automata"

13:30–14:15 Jakob Piribauer: "Quantified propositional linear temporal logic (QLTL) in probabilistic systems"


Session 4 – Chair: Jakob Piribauer


15:00–15:30 Christian Alrabbaa: "Using Good Proofs to Explicate Description Logic Entailments"

15:30–16:00 Thomas Feller: "Sequentiality of Group-Weighted Tree Automata"

16:00–16:45 Willi Hieke: "An Update on Model Transformation in Description Logic ... and more"


17:00–18:00 PI Discussion


3rd day: Wednesday, 7th of October 2020

Session 5 – Chair: Willi Hieke


13:00–13:45 Frederic Dörband: "Weighted Automaton Models and Determinism"

13:45–14:30 Gustav Grabolle: "Weighted Lookahead Nested Automata"


Session 6 – Chair: Christian Alrabbaa


15:00–15:30 Florian Starke: "Ordering smooth digraphs via pp-constructions in polynomial time"

15:30–16:15 Jakub Rydval: "Algebraic characterisations of p-admissibility“

16:15–16:45 wrapup


17:00–18:00 PI Discussion