Some of the papers discussed in the reading groups can be found on the internal pages.

Ramsey classes with closures and forbidden homomorphisms

Thursday, 14:45, Technische Universität Dresden, Willersbau C41

Contact: Simon Knäuer

Description Logic

Monday, 14:30, Technische Universität Dresden, APB 3027

Contact: Willi Hieke

Automata over Sets with Atoms

Wednesday, 14:00 o'clock, Universität Leipzig, A426

Contact: Karin Quaas

Automata theory in Bioinformatics/NLP

Organisation: one Tuesday per month, 10:45 AM, Universität Leipzig

Contact: Shima Asaadi

Probabilistic Model Checking

By appointment, Technische Universität Dresden, APB 3025

Contact: Christel Baier

The Proof of the PCP Theorem

Monday, 13:15 o'clock, Technische Universität Dresden, WIL C115, first meeting: Nov 6 2017

Contacts: Jakub Opršal, Caterina Viola, Antoine Mottet

Past Reading Groups