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Please find the abstracts below the schedule and note that some of the slides are made available here, internally.

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Date Time Topic Speaker Room
April 13 13:00-16:00 Semiring-based Provenance for Light-weight Description Logics Rafael Peñaloza
(University of Milano-Bicocca)
April 20 13:00-16:00 
April 27 13:00-16:00 TBA Thomas Eiter
(TU Vienna)
May 11 13:00-16:00 Semiring Provenance for LFP and Strategy Analysis of Büchi Games Erich Grädel
(RWTH Aachen)
May 18 13:00-16:00
June 01 13:00-16:00
June 08 13:00-16:00
June 15 13:00-16:00 TBA Jan Křetínský
(TU Munich)
June 22 13:00-16:00 TBA  Zoltán Fülöp
University of Szeged) 
July 06 13:00-16:00
July 13 13:00-16:00
July 20 13:00-16:00


Rafael Peñaloza: Semiring-based Provenance for Light-weight Description Logics

Semiring-based provenance was originally studied in database theory to assign additional semantics to facts, and to the query answers that can be derived from them. This approach has been recently extended to ontologies, assigning a provenance token to each axiom in the ontology. Consequences from this ontology inherit a provenance value represented by a polynomial. In this talk, we present this provenance approach over light-weight description logics, showing that its semantics presents several difficulties for handling conjunctions. Assuming multiplicative idempotency mitigates these issues and allows for effective reasoning methods. In particular, we present a new automata-based construction for answering simple provenance queries in a variant of the DL EL.