Description Logic

Course Description

Description Logics (DLs) have a long tradition in computer science and knowledge representation, being designed so that domain knowledge can be described and so that computers can reason about this knowledge. DLs have recently gained increased importance since they form the logical basis of widely used ontology languages, in particular the web ontology language OWL. Starting from a basic DL, this course introduces the students to their syntax, semantics, reasoning problems and model theory, and discusses the computational complexity of these reasoning problems and algorithms to solve them.


The lecture is accompanied by weekly tutorials held by Dr. Stefan Borgwardt. The lectures and tutorials take place in room APB/E005 on

The distribution of lectures and tutorials can be found in the table below. During the semester, there may be changes to this schedule on short notice. Be sure to check this page regularly for updates.

Exercise sheets will be made available on this page approximately one week before each tutorial. During the tutorials, the students can present and discuss their solutions to the exercises, and ask questions about description logics.

Week Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
9 Oct to 13 Oct Lecture Lecture Lecture
16 Oct to 20 Oct Lecture Tutorial
(Exercise Sheet 1)
23 Oct to 27 Oct Lecture Tutorial
(Exercise Sheet 2)
30 Oct to 3 Nov Public holiday
Lecture +
6 Nov to 10 Nov Tutorial
(Exercise Sheet 3)
(Exercise Sheet 4)
13 Nov to 17 Nov Lecture Tutorial
(Exercise Sheet 5)
20 Nov to 24 Nov Tutorial
(Exercise Sheet 6)
Public holiday
(Buß- und Bettag)
27 Nov to 1 Dec Tutorial
(Exercise Sheet 7)
Lecture Lecture
4 Dec to 8 Dec Lecture Tutorial
(Exercise Sheet 8)
11 Dec to 15 Dec Lecture Tutorial
(Exercise Sheet 9)
18 Dec to 22 Dec Lecture Tutorial
(Exercise Sheet 10)
25 Dec to 29 Dec
1 Jan to 5 Jan Lecture
8 Jan to 12 Jan Lecture Tutorial
(Exercise Sheet 11)
15 Jan to 19 Jan Lecture Tutorial
(Exercise Sheet 12)
22 Jan to 26 Jan Lecture Lecture Tutorial
(Exercise Sheet 13)
29 Jan to 2 Feb Tutorial Tutorial +


SWS: 4/2/-


Lecture Material

Students are strongly recommended to copy what is written on the blackboard. Slides are used for most of the lectures, except for the proofs: